Welcome to
Aid Home Health Care, Inc.

Aid Home Health Care, Inc. is an established provider of home-based health care solutions. Our office is based in Glendale, California while we serve the outlying communities in the area. Our team, together with the patient’s physician will work shoulder to shoulder in order to achieve the best possible care for the client in a home setting.

Benefits of Health Services at Aid Home Health Care, Inc.

  • Care is provided in the privacy and comfort of your own home. There is little need for the repetitive travel to and from the hospital or care facility to receive quality care.
  • All services are coordinated with your physician. We use a physician-endorsed home health care plan for each client.
  • 24-Hour Access to a Skilled Nurse who can assist you with your health management needs.
  • Home Health Care is a wonderful alternative for homebound individuals who want to prevent hospitalization or re-hospitalization.
  • With Home Health Care, patients are able to leave the hospital earlier to continue their recovery at home.
  • With the help of a nurse or a therapist in your home, your recovery time can be much shorter.